Swarm Tower - Jan Petrš Architecture

Swarm Tower

The idea is to create skyscraper for which is not needed the vehicular traffic. It is replaced by PRT (personal rapid transit) whose rails lead directly to the individual floors. In terms of urban planning is the idea of the gradual expansion of the network with such a PRT solved structures. Swarm Tower should initiate this expansion.
Skyscraper is located on the east side of London in the district Stratford. Site of the building is a “death“ part of a railway „T“ cross. Near the site is a former Olympic park, residential houses and shopping area the skyscraper connects these separated parts because it is directly connect to local facilities by PRT (personal rapid transit) . Skyscraper consists of main tower in the middle and it is surrounded by the other six objects. In the tower there is: 3D print lab, administration, housing and hotel. In the other six objects there is: Virtual shopping centre, sport centre, distribution of 3D printed objects, depo for PRT vans, PRT station, treatment of material for 3D print, parking for visitors is located underground.
The shape of the building is based on paths linking facilities to the skyscraper. These railways were designed by a swarm intelligence. Movement of the flock, in this case Boids, was captured and wrapped by mass. Elegant organic shape reacts to local contemporary architecture such as look out Acellor Mittal and Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid

Year: 2015
Status: Study (Master thesis)
Program: Urbanism and Architecture
Location: London-Stratford
Author: Jan Petrš
Supervisor: doc. Ing. arch. Miloš Florián, Ph.D.