Loop Landscape - Jan Petrš Architecture

Loop Landscape

New York is a city with high density of built up area, where we can´t find as much as green spaces as in European cities. Although it´s apparent, that New Yorkers seek and love parks and green areas as it is part of their lives. A good example of that is Central Park or High Line. Considering the prices of land, we can not expect build up areas transform into public parks. A vertical farm could be understood either as a natural products factory or as platform for creating certain vertical landscape for inhabitants to grow their own food and cover their needs. “Loop Landscape” has chosen the second form, as it reflects the needs of New Yorkers and our belief, that naturally grown goods can be of the best quality as well as such a goods grown on farms.
Comes from nature! Typical feature of landscape is its permeability and essential boundlessness. These aspects played the principle role in our design, creating a walk-through building, where you can walk from the ground level up to its highest point without a use of traditional vertical communications such as stairs and elevators. We´ve chosen a spiral, as a basic shape for our design. To achieve an organic massing, set of rules needed to be defined to generate the object. Swarm systems represented by so called Agents (individual or swarm) were used to generate the very basic volume. The behaviour of agents is influenced by behaviour of other agents and their environment. This creates fully autonomous system, that controls itself and reacts to the surroundings and its changes. In order to follow the spiral path, agents were given their own intelligence. This method allowed us to create organically shaped, all the way walk-thourgh building, that embodys plenty of natural elements found in real landscapes (overhangs, caves, gulleys, etc.).
Interesting task was to deal with seasonal change. Hence we had to assure certain versatility of the spaces. Inhabitants won´t occupy strictly difined and divided rooms, but they will have this opportunity to choose, where they want to dwell and for how long! Our vision is, that the farm will be used mainly over spring, summer and autumn, in order to farm, to grow own goods, to learn, to experience and be part of tolerant community. During the winter season, the structure is meant to be used for a winter sports, skiing, sledging, again as a part of community happening. This shows our respect to natural cycles and seasonal change.

Loop Landscape is a circuit, a never ending process. People and animals circulate here, produced waste and grown goods are used back in a farm. Just the way it was done for centuries. All of this happening in a mutual coexistence of inhabitants of farm and inhabitants of consumption society of New York.

Year: 2015
Status: Study
Program: Urbanism and Architecture
Location: New York
Author: Jan Petrš, Ivana Plecháčová
Competition: AWR 2015, NYC Sky Condo